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Bitcoin's Post Halving Bull Run Can Generate Over 1000%+ Returns

Bitcoin started the year around $3,800 mark and was slated to see a bull run after the longest crypto winter in 2018. In the first half of the year, Bitcoin reached its yearly high of near $13k in July which made many optimists believe that the bull run was just around the corner. However, in the following months, the price of BTC saw many corrections and currently trading at around $7,340 mark. Despite losing nearly half of its value from the yearly high, Bitcoin has managed to generate 90% returns in 2019, higher than any other high performing asset.
Market analysts had made it clear that Bitcoin has moved past its bubble phase in 2018, and would see an uptick in its price right before the halving or post halving. However, the Litecoin halving in August this year did not help the price of LTC which did start a debate on whether Bitcoin would meet a similar fate.

Plan B, a crypto trader by profession explained that Litecoin has not seen any development work on its platform and the founder himself had sold his stake earlier, thus impacting the confidence of the community which in turn was reflected in the price. On the contrary, the Bitcoin network has seen the highest hash inputs, market dominance, rising institutional interests. Plan B also introduced stock-to-flow chart, which suggested Bitcoin can break into a bull run in the aftermath of block reward halving which could push its price as high as $100,000.

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