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Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme To Be Investigated By Thai Officials

A case of cryptocurrency pyramid scheme has been forwarded to the Department of Special Investigation of Thailand by a human rights lawyer. According to the Bangkok Post, 20 victims suffered the loss of 75 million baht are looking up to go beyond the investigation of local police of Krabi province in Thailand.
Working independently of the Thai Royal Police Force, The DSI, a department of the Thai Ministry of Justice has been tasked with taking care of special cases, including criminal network cases that threaten national security.
Victims Get Duped With a Promise of 8% Returns

According to reports, the alleged pyramid scheme naming โ€˜โ€™Khung Nong cryptocurrency Tradingโ€™โ€™ was operating since 2018 in Krabi province. Duped with the promise of 8% returns, the locals of Krabi, Yala, Trang, Narathiwat and Pattani falsely became the victim and sold off their essential belongings, including cars, motorcycles and even private land in the purpose of raising their money for making investments.

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Albert Stark • Edited

According to the report, the alleged pyramid scheme, dubbed "Khung Nong Cryptocurrency Trading," operated in Krabi province in 2018. Lots of people lost their money in this scheme, know more.

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