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Brix Mavu
Brix Mavu

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Day 1

Create Login and Registration page

Souce code can be found on github

Technologies used

Bash - HTML - CSS - JavaScript

Create a project folder

mkdir project

Enter project folder

cd project

Create project files

touch index.html style.css script.js

From code editor explorer open index.html

Inside index.html file paste Sticky Footer code from mdn github repo

Rearrange code

Add new heading :

100 days of code

Add copyright to footer

© 2022

Add login and registration forms inside index.html file forms

I have added a video check the banner which is audio-less it's due to the fact it got heavy on my PC. I'm using the xbox game bar app on Windows. The focus is to show how I went about my solution in 8 minutes Day 1. Session 1. YouTube

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