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Discussion on: Rename your master branch in Azure Repos

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I mean, naming can be anything but main isn’t ideal because branches should be named to their purpose IMO. So I would change master to production or some flavor of that since that is the purpose of that branch anyway. Then it becomes merging feature branch into production branch triggers CI/CD and production branch gets built and installed to production. Similarly, you can have a develop branch that triggers CI/CD to a dev environment. Just my $0.02

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Jesse Houwing Author

Then call it production if that works for you. It sounds like a more natural name from how you continued your reply...

The term main or mainline has been used in Source Control way before the introduction of master, it's when one or more parts arrive at the main conveyor belt in industrial assembly. It's where all the changes get merged into on their way out the door. main ain't bad. But in your environment there may be a better term.

Similarly the term trunk is used. from the 'inverted tree' picture where all branches at some point came from the trunk and where any branch can try to become the new top branch in the tree. Though merges between branches (though possible) are a long and very tedious process in actual biology.