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Carbon-neutral coding: We've just partnered with Offset Earth

As part of Browser London's commitment to being a responsible employer, we're pleased to have begun working with Offset Earth to balance the carbon footprint of our workforce.

Founded by three Bristolians (one of which, we’re proud to say, is a Browser Group alumnus) we’ve been watching the company closely since it’s beta launch in June. Designed to make the act of offsetting carbon emissions easy and transparent, the team only works with Gold Standard audited projects and openly publishes all carbon credit and tree planting purchases made with contributions.

An illustration of Browser London's carbon offsetting impact via Offset Earth

Our partnership means we’re offsetting 14 tonnes of CO2 per employee, per year, enough – according to the Offset Earth’s calculations – to make our team net carbon positive. You can see a live illustration of the impact our company contributions have made to date on our company profile page.

On a more personal note, I think it's worth adding that the idea for this partnership came from a junior member of our team. So if you're reading this thinking 'my company would never go for this', I'd suggest raising it and seeing what the reaction is; it may be more positive than you think.

After all, many companies are looking for ways to burnish their environmental credentials, and in the development industry, it's not always clear what the best way to do this is. I'd argue an offset scheme like this is a good, simple and immediate way to start.

It's worth stating that carbon offsetting is most effective when used as part of a balanced environmental policy. Our work with Offset Earth is designed to complement our already existing projects to reduce our team’s carbon emissions, such as our remote working and recycling schemes.

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