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Bruno Papa
Bruno Papa

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My Recursion Tree Visualizer project went viral on Linkedin

Recently I finished my favorite side project by now.

It is a Recursion Tree Visualizer that helps programmers understand recursion. You input any recursive function using javascript code and visualize your corresponding recursion tree.

I first published this in my Linkedin profile and I was surprised by the quick engagement that the post generated.

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 21.40.35

More than 15K views and more than 1K likes in just a few days 🀯.

If you want just to try it out, access

Discussion (6)

scroung720 profile image

Congratz. That is the kind of stuff that helps you landing good jobs.

alish26 profile image

Bro do tutorial on this project

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Dwarkesh Kaswala

Nice work πŸ‘

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Prashant Goyal


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Dev Guide Daily

Wow, this looks and works fantastic. I tried tricking it into doing an infinite recursion, and it worked perfectly. 😊