My Linux Development Environment of 2018

Bruno Paz on March 24, 2018

In this blog post I will talk a bit about the setup and software of my personal laptop, powered by Linux. This is somewhat inspired by this post, b... [Read Full]
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Hi, I'm the creator of Fenêtre !
Really appreciate the reference mate, that's awesome.

I'm chiming in just to say that I'm working on the cross plateform of the app.
Currently just Windows, but if there's interest for Linux as well, it might be cool to do too.

Anyway, great listing !


I use Windows for the video side of things, Linux for JS dev, but after looking into Fenêtre and the video editor Bruno mentioned (Kdenlive) I can honestly say I am just as eager for Fenêtre on Linux!

So, for what it is worth, +1 for Linux Fenêtre!


Hi. Yes, Would love to have something like Fenetre for Linux!


That looks useful actually. I've always missed the basic things like always-on-top on the Mac.


HI, you can use this:
as a Fenetre alternative. If you have Mint with Gnome :)
Also try Albert as a Alfred alternative. And THX for useful stuff


Hi. Didn't know about that Extension. Thanks.

Yes, I have seen Albert before. Its not there arent tools like Alfred in Linux world. The issue is the lack of extensions, at least compared with Alfred which has an huuuge amount of workflows for literally everything.

This also looks cool .


The how2 link is broken. :-( I was really interested.


maybe you need to install it with sudo but not recommended.


Nice, I made a setup last week for with a simpler setup still for web devs, but I wrote almost all the commands in a gist for further use (docker, bash-it, basic tools and CLIs)


You definitively should try rambox.pro/ in order to reduce the amount of dedicated chat apps :)


I use Rambox. I just wish it didn't bog down my computer when I have many things open.


I ran into the same problem using Rambox - I found Franz which does the same thing and works a little more efficiently.

I had some issues with Franz and then I found Rambox and switched.

So the circle closes :D


Awesome list :D
Boostnote seems to be the tools I'm looking for to replace CherryTree so Thank you.

NOTE: Mycli exists as Pgcli for Postgresql
ADD: github.com/nicolargo/glances for one-system monitoring
ADD: github.com/audreyr/cookiecutter an Yeoman alternative


Can you make a shell script to set all of this up? Would be damn helpful. Nice article!


Great article. Had one question though. I am an avid user of docker compose in both my dev and production environments. I want to move to Kubernetes (to take advantage of Container Engine, and autoscaling, etc). How do you find developing using eg. Mini Kube vs docker compose? And can you recommend and resources for learning?


Hello. I am in a similar situation than you. I still use Docker Compose for development and for now I found it simpler to use. I am using Minikube more of a platform to experiment and to learn Kubernetes.

But I plan to dig deeper in Minikube soon.


OMG, a lot of cool apps you use, gonna test some of them, but I got one question. How long to setup a environment like this in a new computer? there are too many tools, can you remember the commands to use all that?


Great question! Right now I have just a list of all the software I have installed so I would need to install everything by hand on a new machine which would take many time. I am working in a way to automate all this using Ansible. Something like this: blog.josephkahn.io/articles/ansible/

About the commands,tldr and pet can help a lot with that.
Shell autocompletion is also very useful. Many of the commands have ways to enable autocomplete for bash or zsh shells. Make sure you enable it.

I dont use all these tools on a daily basic tough, so many times I still need to read the documentation. I need to improve at this ;)

You could have a Github Gist or something with your personal cheat sheet where you can quickly reference.

One piece of advice, build your own cheat sheet and not rely on some random cheat sheet you found online. That way you can identify which commands you use more and build a cheat sheet according to your needs.


That's an interesting list! I see we use some of the same software, like mycli.

I wrote as well an article which explains my setup (relatively minimal, terminal oriented) if somebody is interested:


Thanks for the list, I will look at it more in details see if I can enrich my set of tools!


Awesome list. You might want to add insomnia for API development. I prefer it over postman since insomnia does not come with lots of bells and whistles which I don't use and looks cleaner.

Also, check out the ansible playbook I wrote for configuring a fresh Ubuntu system: github.com/fazlearefin/ubuntu-dev-...


Great list, thank you for sharing! I would just add Guake, a popup terminal I can't live without anymore.


Thank you.
Guake is nice, but Tilix also allows you to eanble a "Guake mode" ;)


Yakuake is like Quake, but allows plane splitting.


Really nice article!

For me I'll add to the list:



Yes I have used Terminator before, but I have replaced it with Tilix. It has the some functionalities like split panes, but with a more modern look.

Didn't know about Redshift. Will check. Thanks!


Asciinema looks good, I'll try it out.


Some colleague who uses Mac and make a post like this.


Annoyingly/wonderfully, there's another 'ctop' that has other cool things like 'entering' the container (getting a shell prompt) and tree view.



Awesome! Thank you very much for sharing!


Thanks. The more important task was to make the author aware ;-)


There is no decent mysql gui client for linux like Heidi SQL on Win or Sequelpro on Mac. Can somebody recommend one?


I would suggest to try github.com/Alecaddd/sequeler

(as I mostly use the CLI I have no direct experience, but looks good!)


Thanks man. its very helpful commands.


Hello. I have created a GitHub repository with my setup.

I will try to keep it updated as I discover new tools.


Really nice list. I discovered some cool apps I haven't seen before!


Linux Ubuntu 18.04 is the best in looks with Gnome and live patching


Good list! Recommend Flameshot instead of Shutter - less hungry on resources, do the same, working faster.


Thank you for putting in the time to create this. Love to see what apps I am missing. Gave me some good ideas


Love this post, great job.

What technologies do you work with the most?


Thank you.

I am a Web Developer, mostly working with PHP, Java and Go in my daily work.
I am also interested in NodeJS, VueJS and DevOps stuff like Kubernetes.


Thanks so much, I found some really useful tips here


Thanks a lot :)

I can't install boostnote for my Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome :/ But I used it at my work place.


Thats a pity. may be you should open an issue on Boostnote Github repo. I plan to switch to Ubuntu 18.04 so Boostnote has to work fine :)


This is very helpful ,
I have just installed linux and have used this a reference to setup my environment.


Great amount of new stuff to take a look :) Thanks for sharing!


thanks for sharing I will try some of these tools
Add Ulauncher application launcher for linux

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