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Sentinela da Garagem Digital – IoT

Learn how to make a homemade robot with the Minions themed (quarantine project). πŸ™‚

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The Sentinela da Garagem Digital consists of three development fronts:

  • A REST API in order to trigger commands for the sensors (Backend made in C++ language to run on the ESP8266 board);
  • Frontend made with the software development methodology called PWA, using the React language;
  • Conversation interfaces made in javascript language to be used in Google's Dialog Flow.

Extra Technologies:

Use Google Actions for google wizard to talk to Sentinel and Adafruit for MQTT in backend.

Firebase Storage was used to store the audios used in this project. The file is used to analyze the codes by SonarQube.

I also configured Jenkins to use Sentinel to warn when applications break. The Robot has a sensor that warns of the ambient temperature.

Want to know more? Access the project on Github!

iot-minion - Garagem Digital - Ipiranga

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