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An Introduction to Dark Mode

Dark Mode Design Guide

The dark mode we see nowadays was introduced as the core interface for smartphones with OLED screens to save power consumption. Dark mode has gained considerable fame in the developer communities and is one of the most wanted components in the present day user interface. Tech giants like Apple and Google have started to adapt the dark mode UI shows that it's not just a trend and will be in the market for a longer period.

Advantages Of Dark Mode

The dark mode doesn't only save your eyes from strain, but it also saves your device’s battery usage. These days mobile phones and laptops come with OLED screens; when put in the dark mode, they save the device’s battery up to 70% compared to light mode with white background. However, that is not it; dark mode has as much contemporary significance as it does with battery life, if not more. To be honest, dark mode looks pretty astonishing. It offers new and various methods of presenting graphic content such as graphs, photos, and dashboards. It almost feels creative and peculiar. Other than that, studies have shown a positive relationship between users retention and dark mode. The dark mode makes the color pop and provides good contrast, which puts less strain on the eyes at night and allows users to devour more content for a long time. Because of the advantages of Dark mode, it gets a great deal of positive fame, which implies that it is simple for one to be reprimanded for making something that doesn't need a dark mode. It ought not to be utilized in each application or site; for instance, when you see a site in a sufficiently bright room or without any attempt at being subtle, it is hard to use text situated on dark foundations. For example, a few items, Google maps, have an element that naturally switches among dark and light modes depending on the lighting in a room or view of dusk to dawn.
Considering that dark mode is yet another idea. Surprisingly, many organizations, including Apple and Google, have embraced dark mode as practically the entirety of their UIs. It is yet being worked on, and it is elementary to wreck things if one doesn't cater towards the foundations of UIs.

Do’s And Don'ts

Don’t Use Pure Black & White

Recall when I said dark mode lessens the strain on the eyes? Better believe it well assuming you utilize pure white text on a pure dark foundation, that high differentiation will be extremely excruciating to look at, consequently not lessening the strain on the eyes. In the present circumstance, it is protected to utilize dim instead of the genuine dark as the essential foundation since light message on dark has a more negligible difference than light message on pure dark. The plan ought not to be pure, highly contrasting yet in shades of dark too.

Don't Use Vivid Colors

Using vivid colors looks terrific on a white background. Still, they vibrate against the dark surface, making them hard to read on a dark background—using lighter shades of primary colors because they are readable on dark surfaces. It is essential to use an appropriate contrast ratio between the content and background to avoid eye strain.

Don't Use Shadows

Shadows are an excellent method of introducing a visual chain of command in your design, however, just in light mode. When used in dark mode, regardless of whether the background isn't pure dark, the shadow will look odd. Perhaps you should use high tones to present visual movement on dark backgrounds.

Allowing Users To Switch Between Modes

The most noticeably awful thing you can do while designing a product is to remove control from your users, regardless of if you're designing for dark mode. So for that, it is essential to provide a switch that allows users to switch between dark mode and light mode for having a better user experience. The user should consistently feel in charge and have the option to decide on which mode they need to pick.


Although, the dark mode might appear trendy; it has many disadvantages if not used effectively. By following these focuses referenced above, you can have a sense of security that your dark mode configuration will suit well with your users needs.

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