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How Buddy Turns DevOps to NoOps the DigitalOcean Way

Have you ever stumbled upon a build script so cumbersome it required machine upgrades? A process so extensive you were forced into subscribing to expensive cloud servers?

Deployment automation is something that still remains shrouded behind a veil of complexity and hidden costs that add up over time. Buddy proves it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how Bay Area News Group, one of the biggest newspaper publishers in San Francisco, uses Buddy to automate their CD tasks for three different branches — from fetching changes on GitLab to uploading files to DigitalOcean droplet.

“[Before] I had experienced issues building production files. The build script required significant resources over and above what I needed to server my app. I would have ended up paying a lot for a cloud server just so I could build the files. With Buddy it was trivial to trigger the build script.”

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Table of Contents
Use Case
Integration with DigitalOcean

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