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How to build and deploy React.js with no downtime

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Learn how to configure a pipeline that will build, test, and deploy a React.js application with zero-downtime. Zero-downtime is a deployment technique that lets you update websites by making them fully available to the end-user during the process.

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Look below for timestamps with detailed instructions on every step.

00:00 – Introduction
02:22 – Pipeline overview
03:10 – Creating new project
04:30 – Pipeline configuration (deployment branch, trigger modes)
06:43 – Build configuration
10:19 – Pipeline filesystem
11:10 – Deployment configuration
15:01 – Zero-downtime deployment configuration
19:38 – Creating STAGING environment
22:24 – Adding manual approval step
24:13 – Notifications
28:39 – Conditional notifications
30:52 – Debugging actions in terminal
31:44 – Summary
34:04 – Q&A #1: YAML configuration
37:05 – Q&A #2: Static site deployment to AWS S3
41:08 – Q&A #3: iOS deployments
42:58 – Q&A #4: Docker in Buddy
46:33 – Q&A #5: Sandboxes

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