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Another older language: RPG - Report Program Generator

RPG is widely common in the business and financial industry. There are tons of super-stable, higly-tested, mission-critical lines of RPG code running a big amount of businesses since tens of years. Big companies still rely on this programming language.

So along comes JaRIKo:

a JAva virtual machine Rpg Interpreter written in KOtlin

... RPG was designed for business, it is very simple, powerful for data manipulation, but extremely inadequate to solving technology issue (like threads, async, http calls, cryptography, and so forth). The developer doesn't need to be aware of the technical details. The system provides all this technology, making code run on top of a platform that solves those issues.

This helped to create a generation of RPG programmers that are closer to business consultants than to developers, and this is very good for business applications development.

Jariko releases RPG from its dependence on the AS/400 platform.

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