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BOJasonNET - Bruce's Own JSON for .NET

Bruce Axtens
Programmed Canon Canola calculators in 1977. Assorted platforms and languages ever since. Assisting with I am NOT looking for work -- I've got more than enough to do.
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Today I uploaded to github a VB.Net implementation of an earlier VB6 project. The VB6 one was called BOJASON and the .NET implementation BOJasonNET.

It's a JSON parser. Back in the day this was a thing. Nowadays Newtonsoft's JSON.Net makes it irrelevant. Nevertheless, I've made it available because someone may be interested in the parsing and storage techniques.

This is not all my own work. The vast majority of the code derives from original, BSD licensed, code by Michael Glaser ( who adapted for VB6 code originally developed and made available by Google at

I may post my VB6 version eventually.

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