Codingame - another learn-as-you-go

bugmagnet profile image Bruce Axtens ・1 min read

At CodinGame, our goal is to let programmers keep on improving their coding skills by solving the World's most challenging problems, learn new concepts, and get inspired by the best developers.

Another online learning community. Like Codewars, the IDE is in the browser.

You get mission statements and then have to write code to fulfill the requirements thereof.

Solo and multiplayer coding games are turn-based: at each turn, your program gets new inputs and must output the action.

Supported languages:
C# C++ Java Javascript Python3 Bash C Clojure D Dart F# Go Groovy Haskell Kotlin Lua ObjectiveC OCaml Pascal Perl PHP Ruby Rust Scala Swift TypeScript VB.NET

Sadly, no Fortran or COBOL. (Sigh)


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Thibaud from CodinGame here. Feel free to ask me any anything!

To add to the description, I'll just say that, unlike Codewars, we provide a visually compelling animation in the IDE of what the code does in the puzzle/game, hence our name :)

About Fortran and COBOL, I asked the community a few months ago what languages they would like us to support and these two were not in the top of the list ;) (codingame.com/forum/t/poll-what-pr...)



Well, yeah, Fortran and COBOL are not longer flavour-of-the-whatever. Apparently, though, Fortran's going to turn up on Exercism sometime. Tck/Tk too, I hear, which would be cool.