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Google.Protobuf.dll is right next to my .dll but it is not being found or loaded

I have a Framework 4.8 C# app that uses ClearScript to allow JavaScript to be used as an extension language. I am able to write plugins as DLLs and attach them at runtime, viz

JSE.Script.attach = (Func<string, bool>)Attach
        private static bool Attach(string dllPath, string name = "")

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Bruce Axtens

So the "solution" turned out to be this: Include Google.Ads.GoogleAds in the project. That's all. This mean the full set of DLLs end up next to the EXE and that seemed to be all that was needed. This is a bit of a drag as I was wanting to keep these DLLs in a separate, plugin-specific, folder.

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