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Burak Aykan ÜRER
Burak Aykan ÜRER

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Point of View as Just Graduated Computer Engineer part1

I just graduated my school and i get a job about 3 month ago. I just want to share my observations so far the check-points that i noticed so far. At first a couple weeks i tried to learn my company's technologies (Languages, Frameworks e.g.) and learn about our products. First i tried to examine project's code to understand them later watched some courses provided to me by company. Three weeks later from my starting date i assigned to fix minor bugs of a main product. It was very very frightened me this was my first professional experience as a Computer Engineer. I fixed this bugs with my teammates help (Thank you folks!).

Later then that i start to read about these languages and frameworks, tried to find resources as much as i can find.

The points i would like to share with you.Drum roll, please...
I discovered that everyone has their own unique way to learning so my humble opinion please stop and think.

Which way you can learn most efficient?

Which way of learning suits for you?

When you discovered your way you can easily learn anything you want to learn.

I found my way and last a couple weeks was just great for me, learned a lot of things (This excites me a lot).

Like Nietzsche's said: “Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love.”

I believe in you folks.

There is a idiom in Turkish: "Sürç-i lisan ettiysem affola" it means: if i misexpressed myself please forgive me. This is my first post so "sürç-i lisan ettiysem affola.

Learn as much as you can and have a nice day.

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