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Page Navigation for Ruby Gem markdown_helper

As you may have seen, I've put up an updated markdown_helper gem.

Now I'm thinking that the next feature will be "page navigation."

In this feature, the input is a series of markdown pages. The output is those same pages, but now each with links to the previous and next pages.

I have a thus-linked TesterTour over in my project RubyTest. (It's built by a rakefile, not by markdown_helper.)

The question is:

  • How is the series of pages to be specified?

Some possibilities:

  • Pages are identified by links on an overview markdown page (like the Tester Tour above).

  • Pages are identified by URLs listed in a non-markdown page.

  • Pages are identified by simply all being in a particular directory. There would also need to be a list of some sort to specify the order.

I'm leaning toward the first above.

So, Rubyists, what's your pleasure?

  • One (or more) of the above?
  • Something else?

Let me know.

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