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Why should you use Tailwind CSS with React/Next JS?

> Tailwind is a CSS framework that drastically drops your time developing a web application.

Let me tell you some problems, that I have faced myself with CSS.

  • It is long and boring.

  • It can be, sometimes, very hard to maintain.

  • It's even hard imaging to scale a website whose CSS is not written "professionally" and without following some perfect writing styles.

  • There're too many devices in the world. Making your website look perfect on all devices is a complete headache. And CSS just blows your mind off while doing that.

React is a JavaScript library that helps you build single-page applications easily. With the help of Tailwind, you can drastically reduce the development time and can easily focus on business ideas.

Here are some websites that I have created using Tailwind CSS.

Not to brag me here, but these websites were completely built on Tailwind CSS and they are looking fantastic! With Tailwind CSS I could easily manage my CSS and design and focus more on my business idea. So I would suggest y'all start using Tailwind with all your projects.

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