Spring boot social and dependencies overview

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This post is based on my latest experience, where i was just wanted to integrate Social login within my application. After spring boot it seems it is easy piece of cake, Yes i was developing an application and services using springboot, and here my struggle start.
Problem is spring do lot of thing behind the scene which some time make difficult to understand as we are developer we need all the control at-least we deserve to know whats going on (scherzosa).

First thing needed is the dependencies and here world of spring starter starts and dilemma of how to choose, This post mainly focus on the Spring starter dependencies and when to choose which one.

When i started to search how to integrate with social login i came across to following options.

  1. Use Spring Oauth2 client
  2. Use Spring Social.

Now to go with the first option Spring provides two starter which comes with two different flavour

A. If you are using Spring boot.


B. If you are using only spring security in your project


But some time we have a case where we don't need security from spring or we need only social login without security definition or any security context. Spring provide solution for such cases where we can choose spring social integration with specific provider like facebook, linkedin etc.
Here are the dependencies use for such cases.
Alt Text

Basically spring has different stream of projects, they usually combine some in specific starter like mostly spring boot starter and some specific stream starter like security. But one can always choose independent stream like Social case by case need.

After sorting out which dependencies should be needed we have to do real stuff, each dependencies come with some specific set of functionality. In later post i will try to cover the difference in the implementation.

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Is Spring Social compatible with Spring Boot 2+ ?


hi yes it is compatible i have tried but with spring boot 2 there is first hand support for Oauth2 authentication using spring security 5.2
you can follow my article for more details dev.to/burhantaha/spring-social-lo...