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Learning Go #1

I am a database engineer for a while. One time I decided to learn Go programming because many of the famous software developers such as @yakuter and fatih are using Go and they share their experience. I thought it is amazing for me. They learn it and build an app with this language and then share their experience on Twitter, Linkedin, Github, etc. platform. After deciding the learn this language, I want to share my adventure of Go learning.

First of all, I ask a question on Twitter about how can I learn Go language systematically and mentioned the @yakuter, then this good man shared a tweet flood about learning Go documents, courses, books, etc.
Now, we can start the adventure of Go learning.

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Let's Go :)
Firstly, I started the official Go learning document with examples golang-tour. And I am on to read this documentation and learn basically. It is the first step for learning Go basically. This tour made up basic of Go language and some activities on them. The web page has two sides, left and right. The left page consists of the knowledge of the information such as variables, slices, maps, etc., on the other hand, the right page has consisted of activity/test area that is related to the information and you can run the sample code or can write your sample and then run it. With this tour, I learned data types, variables, packages, flow control statements, etc. basically and understand package and import logic, the usage of Go is simpler than in other languages, you can define any data type easily, and there is a spelling rule. For example, when you create any variable in Go, you must use this variable in your code block, at worst you can use this variable in the Println function :) Yeap, this is enough for the first step of learning Go. In the coming days, I will try to explain my Go experiences on the windows operating system in a more organized and regular way.

The first code :)

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.Println("I am learning Go.")

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