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Learning Go #2

As I said, I started the learning GO language three weeks ago. This language is more popular these days and I wanted to be part of the Gophers :) You can look at the first blog why I choose the Go language and start to write a blog for learning this language. As you know I started to look at the basics of the Go language such as why this language is so important and what I am doing in this language. If you love backend development this language is for you. Also, there is a big community for helping each go developer. There are many open-source code samples and projects for your development. Lots of them are free :) There is one thing to do, and it is working on it and learning deeply.

First of all, when you get started to learn this language, you may be limited to these language rules. You can not be free to define a variable for instance or you can not put the if braces whatever or wherever you want. Also, I will tell you about the troubleshooting that I encounter.
Let's get started. I prepared a mindmap or you can say roadmap for my learning progress.

Go RoadMap

With the above roadmap, you can follow my progress easily. You know I told you to start a go tour that is an official site of Go and you can understand the basic things of Go. Before the start of this tour, you can say to yourself I can not understand whole things when I finished the tour. Because many of the terms or concepts of the language are not understandable or they may be foreign for you.


This is a critical circumstance for a learner because we could say, "I didn't understand anything so I want to give up this programming language or I can learn the other language, I think it is very easy for me. Don't say the same things, keep going. When you finish the tour you may not understand many things and you can say "OMG!, what is the next and what am I doing after that?" Keep calm and Go ahead! Continue to learn this pretty language :)

After the tour, there are many terms and concepts in your mind and you may not connect or tier to each other. Because I have experienced similar situations. With the starting the İnanç Gümüş's Udemy Course, I understand the many things clearly and I connect the terms each other slowly because I don't finish the course yet. This course teaches a new term or concept for example for loop, you can watch the video about it and then do the code exercises. You can also share your code exercises on your own GitHub page, I did it for example. I kept learning this language every day, for example, one hour a day I took my time for this learning and I didn't give up.

You can reach my Github link via this link.
You can follow me to watch my progress and projects :) Also, I am coding GO language at Visual Studio Code in Windows Operating System. When you start to İnanç Gümüş course you may encounter some problems with your operating system requirements or doing
exercises. I wrote a Troubleshooting field for these problems you can find this field at the bottom of the Readme file.

See you in my next post.

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