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🏅 The 5 Visual Studio extensions that will increase your productivity

Visual Studio… Who has not heard that name before? Today it is still one of the BEST IDE for any developer, since apart from being free, it supports Windows, iOS, Android, Cloud and Web. 💻

One of its greatest advantages is that it has a store with thousands of extensions, specifically more than 4000 today.

By now you may have asked yourself…

Which are the best? 🤔

Which ones would help me improve my programming performance? 🤔

I’m going to get you out of your doubts right now :)

1. Visual Studio Spell Checker ✅

This extension checks and corrects the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you program. It also makes it easy to spell check the entire project. I recommend this over similar extensions for 2 things:

  • It supports many languages.
  • You can train the extension to automatically ignore words like app.config as if it were an artificial intelligence to learn from you.

2. GitHub Extension for Visual Studio ✅

Who doesn’t know about GitHub? Who wouldn’t want to be able to connect their repositories with Visual Studio? This extension makes it easy for you. It allows you to connect with your team in a very simple way, apart from having shortcuts that will save you a lot of time.

Its main functions are 👇

  • Create repositories
  • Clone repositories
  • Create Gists with 3 clicks
  • See the Pull Request

3. Shield ✅

The main problem for many programmers is their lack of knowledge about the security of their applications. You may be developing the app of your life for years, but if you don’t protect it properly, anyone with a modicum of knowledge can decompile it, read its code, and STEAL IT in a matter of seconds.

Shield allows you to protect your application without having to be an expert in it. You configure it only once and you simply hit the compile button as you always do, Shield will take care of everything.

It has many types of protections such as👇

  • Constant Encryption
  • Anti Debugger
  • Anti Tampering

4. ReSharper ✅

This extension has support for C#, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.NET, VB.NET and many more.

It allows you to improve the quality of your code quickly, detecting problems such as👇

  • Compiler errors
  • Runtime errors
  • Redundancies

This extension has become one of my favorites since it not only highlights problems for you, but also suggests possible solutions instantly.

5. Image Optimizer ✅

Every day multimedia content is used more within applications, but users want it all now. What a person hates the most is having to wait for the app to load.

With this extension you can optimize image files such as JPEG, GIF or PNG with just 2 clicks.

It also has options such as 👇

  • Best Quality
  • Better compression
  • Copy base64 DataURI

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