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A free React conference that anyone in the world can attend

Hey! I wanted to let everyone know about a project I've been working on over the last couple months. You may have seen it on Twitter or other places, but I haven't mentioned it on this platform -- as a community of developers learning about React and JavaScript, it seems like a perfect fit.


Byteconf React is a free, one-day React conference hosted on Twitch, for anyone and everyone to attend. It takes place on August 31, 2018.

Our speakers include Kent C. Dodds, Tracy Lee, Kyle Shevlin, and more! Make sure to check out the full schedule at our website.

One more thing that I think might appeal to the crowd: we're building a community of developers around Byteconf - Byteconf React is just the first in a planned series of free conferences. If you dig the project and want to support us, consider joining the Discord. It's a live chat where we talk about JavaScript, React, and more.

Join us on the Discord!

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MD. Rizwan Raza

you are doing great work believe me tons of people are gonna join you guys

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Timothy Lawler Karvonen • Edited

Sounds interesting. When will it end? 5pm PST is 2am where I live so could you record it as well for later viewing?

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Kristian Freeman

It'll be available for future viewing on Twitch and YouTube – we're also doing a rebroadcast for other timezones: September 2nd, 9AM GMT. Hope to see you there!