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[Feedback] Slack: Cannot sign into new Workspace since update to 4.1.1

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because of your change to only login via browser, its not possible for us to sign into new workspaces.

in our companies all network enabled products have to run in seperate environments/sandboxes and the apps must not interact with each other. the apps have different access level on filesystem. so slack can't start firefox because the life in different environments/sandboxes. firefox can't be started in the slack sandbox because slack has no permission the access the appdata of firefox. so if slack tries to start firefox i only get the error message "Profile missing - Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. it may be missing or inaccessible."
yes users cannot click on links but have to copy the link and paste it in the browser.

so beeing not able to simple enter a username and a password in an independent app but require a seperate app to log in is really wrong.

at least allow to generate/copy the "add new workspace" link from within the app.

please allow us to keep our serurity policy, support enhanced security and re-add the possibility to sign in via app only.

(i would have added a screenshot but your system really makes it complicate to upload a file. will open a seperate ticket for it)

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