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[Feedback] Slack - Please fix tray notification - Allow disabling the blue/gray dot

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Currently i am in 6 workspaces (after i signed out of 3-4, so i was in about 10 workspaces). mainly developer workspaces like symfony, codeception, ...) with lots of channels with lots of message traffic.

so my slack tray icon has a blue dot all the time and my workspace logos have a gray dot most of the time. this is not helpful. this is annoying and stressful.
set the notification to "nothing" or "direct messages, mentions & keywords" does not change anything. the only way i can get rid of it is to mute all channels in the workspace (which is cumbersome, no mute-all, no general preferences, no default notification settings for new channels,...).

but i want to see bold channel name, just to see oh i should have a look into this channel again but without the force the blue dot in the tray or the grey dot on my workspace icon emits.

even Benjamin tried it
please add more settings/options for the notification and allow us to disable all notifications and display dots from non-direct message.

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