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Are there any non-web Devs out there?

Every post on my feed seems to be web developer or front end heavy. There's the odd general tool but never seems to be any mention of backend languages or concepts. What gives? Is for web Devs or Fe Devs or is it settings on my feed or are backend Devs so intrevert they aren't coming out to play?

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Daniel Heater

Yes. It seems disturbingly easy to assume developer == web given the quantity of online content. There must be a lot of us doing non-web development, but we don't seem to have much presence. I've been an embedded developer for much of my career, and that is a clearly recognized field. Now I'm doing more tool, OS level, and other stuff that is not web front-end, back-end, or embedded. I think there is a branding problem in this space. I've kicking around the idea of using the term deep-end developer. I need to get off my ass and do some marketing to see if that brand can get some traction. It's hard to build a community around a category that doesn't have a name.

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John 'BBQ' Wollner

I'm proud to be a completely non front end developer for 90% of my career. I agree that based on most postings, you would think that UI was the only development occurring in the industry.

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ca55idy Author

I've managed to make a career on not touching front end, that's why I am so gutted there's no real content for us folk at the minute

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