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Caio Gomes Braga
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What is gun.js?

Lately a technology that has been calling my attention is Gun.js, besides being easy to use it also has a very interesting concept about how we should see data, usage and rights over it. Today I'm going to talk a little more about what gun.js is, as well as discuss Decentralized web concepts

1 - Gun is based on Decentralized web or "Dweb" and aims to make the internet freer and less greedy

The way the internet works today is dependent on large corporations, which store their data on their own servers. However, this has caused some discomfort for millions of people around the world, with the suspicion that these large corporations are using data and personal information for marketing and choosing what people see on the internet.

2 - What is Dweb

Dweb stands for decentralized internet, and it's the concept Gun.js is based on.

The idea behind Dweb and hence behind Gun.js is that the internet is formed by a concept of community. Soon the information would be stored through the devices of all users of the system. Each one storing a bit of information along with the free servers provided by Gun.js itself

This makes the internet not only freer but also cheaper for programmers and consequently for end users. Since, large companies today are responsible for taking a large part of the money that goes into the system and also able to freely access a large part of the data without having to know for sure whether we are providing data to be spied on or not

3 - Gun.js

GUN is an ecosystem of tools that allows you to create encrypted applications that run thanks to a community.

With it were created versions of youtube and other social networks

The database is formed by the user's information stored on his own machine, on other users' machines and on larger servers in the system, which allows the information to remain reliable and prevents loss of information if a user's device is lost. Besides, it's an amazing concept to think you're part of a giant database.

more info in my blog

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