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Carlos Augusto de Medeir Filho
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Getting Started with Ruby On Rails in 2020


The new year is already here. It is time to set new goals, follow your dreams and also get a job in tech.
If learning Ruby on Rails is one of your goals, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I am going to present to you the best resources to jumpstart your Rails skills while having fun in the process.

Let's get started, shall we?

The Ruby Part

Before jumping into Rails, it is nice to have a basic knowledge of Ruby.
Ruby is a dynamic language. It is known as an object-oriented programming language and it was created in the mid-1900s my uncle Matz.


The best place to get a good base in Ruby is Codecademy. Codecademy is a learn-by-doing platform that teaches many languages. Some of them are paid, others are free like Ruby.

After finishing the Codecademy course, you can go straight to and join the ruby track. is a series of challenges that you can solve and receive feedback from the best mentors.

p.s. If you feel like needing another source of information before joining, there is also the Ruby Monk. Here you only need to take the first course called Ruby Primer.


Now you are ready to start Rails!

The best resource for Rails beginners is RailsTutorial.
The latest version of the book is paid but they have an older free version. Don't worry, the older version isn't that old.

After reading up to the 6th chapter, you are ready to watch some rails tutorials videos.

Simple Rails blog
Simple Todo

I highly recommend you to follow along, because it is one o the best way to learn Rails.

Now it is time for you to know Rails Guide.

Rails Guide is the official documentation for Rails. It is not the most friendly place for beginners but they have really good content.
I recommend you familiarize yourself with Rails Guide.
Try to add it to your search when you google your questions on the internet like: "How to generate model RailsGuide".

Now you are good to go to read chapters seven and eight.

At this point, you have to make a decision.
Either you go back to read rest the chapters and follow along or you can start building your own project (I suggest the last option). Here is a list of projects for you.

  1. To-do List Here you can practice all the CRUD actions without having to worry too much about the front end.
  2. Blog Here you are also going to practice the CRUD actions but I challenge you do add users using Devise gem.
  3. A URL shortener
  4. A social bookmark app

By now, you should be comfortable using Rails and the free source of information that will make you grow is beginning to be scarce.

I recommend you take a look at GoRails. Also, you can find a good Rails course on Udemy like The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

Join an Online Tech School (Bootcamp?)

Here is an article about the time that I joined Microverse Tech School.

Be part of the community

I recommend you joining telegram, slack, Reddit thread. Find fellow Rubyists on twitter, write about your learnings on your personal blog or over Improve your Ruby, finish challenges.
Help newcomers on Rails. Record YouTube videos.

If you feel demotivated, you should get a pair-programming.
You can find one from forums over the internet or through Microverse.


Rails is a really mature framework. Thanks to Ruby and its community, Rails continues to evolve year by year. Definitely you should learn Rails, especially if you think in landing your first job as a developer. Rails and Ruby community are helpful, don't be afraid to ask questions.

You can follow me on twitter and ask me questions over there =)

I also post on

Please, if you have more sources of information, please comment below so I can add.

Happy 2020!

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Marcos Filho

I would suggest CodeWars after, it's a great place to brush up your skills.

Honestly, I still use it a few days per week even though I already professionally code in Ruby. It's a way to keep sharp and better yet compare you code to others'.

camfilho profile image
Carlos Augusto de Medeir Filho

That's true. I personally code more using HackerRank, but from time to time I do a coding challenge at CodeWars

marcosvafilho profile image
Marcos Filho • Edited

Just tried HackerRank for the first time (thanks for mentioning it!). I can't believe their editor uses camelCase notation for Ruby variables and methods instead of snake_case. It feels weird. Not a nice first impression :(

Thread Thread
camfilho profile image
Carlos Augusto de Medeir Filho • Edited

That's true hahaha I thought it was only me