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Discussion on: What is the best tool for blogging?

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Carl Anderson • Edited

The best tool for blogging is whatever is comfortable and whatever is easy. The real challenge in blogging is writing, so don't shoot yourself in the foot by focussing too hard on your tooling/rebuilding your theme from scratch/complicated build and deployment processes.

Some good options are Ghost (this is what I use), otherwise there's nothing wrong with or Medium as your primary blogging platform.

I wouldn't discount Wordpress just because you don't like PHP - unless you want some heavily custom functionality, you can go through the entire life of your blog without writing a single line.

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Wilfredo Pérez Author

The real challenge in blogging is writing

I agree with you, it's a difficult task but I'm focused on this year to accomplish it. You are the second person that recommended me Gosh, so I will take a look at and evaluate it.

Thanks for your time for responding to this post.