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iOS — Persist Data using SQLite.swift Library with SwiftUI example

Learn how to use SQLite database with SwiftUI and perform CRUD operations

In software development, we often need to persist app data with some data structure. But how do we store that data efficiently?

There’s an evergreen database designed exactly for that purpose — SQLite. It is available by default on iOS.

If you’ve used Core Data before, you’ve already used SQLite. Core Data is just a layer on top of SQLite that provides a more convenient API.

In this article, we are going to use SQLite for storing the data structure, and for that, we’ll use a very popular Library Sqlite.swift.

Ultimately, we will develop a basic ToDo app with SwiftUI.

Note: We will use the UIPilot library for navigation but feel free to skip it if you don’t need it.

Our final app, at the end of this article, will look something like this.

Image description

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