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Chase Struse
Chase Struse

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Start of my #100DaysOfCode challenge!

Hello everyone! If you haven't read my introduction post my name is Chase and I have currently been programming on and off for 4 years in school and some professional experience as well.

Recently I have been feeling stuck in a rut and I needed to find a way out, thats when I stumbled upon the 100 days of code challenge.

For me I find the challenge to be extremely interesting and its incredible to see how much people have improved just from programming for 100 days! After seeing all the posts I decided I might as well give it a try. So today begins day 1 of my 100 day journey!

Since it's day 1 I decided to start with something I know very little about but enough to where I won't have to mindlessly follow tutorials. That's why I decided to start creating a django project. My hopes for this project are that it will eventually become a great news site for viewing local and national politicians.

Today I accomplished initializing the project (holy crap django has a lot of files) and I began working on the home screen for the site! I'm excited to see where this takes me.

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Good call buddy! Way to go

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Chase Struse

Thank you for the comment! 😊