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How to add Dev posts to the subdomain of a personal website with Stackbit


One of the advantages of having a blog (or in this case posts) as part of your existing website is that it will help you to gain organic traffic via search engines.

If you have a personal site ( you can create a subdomain ( and have that subdomain display any posts you have already created on Additionally, it will automatically update with any new posts you create through

In this post, I will discuss one way of how you can achieve this.

Generating a blog site with Stackbit

This post will take you through how to generate a blog site with Stackbit.

With it, you can customise the name of your stack (this will become the name of the repository added to your Github account). If you wish to customise this new site, you can do so by checking out the newly generated repository locally and via code changes, make styling and functional adjustments as appropriate.

You will be able to view the live site, hosted on Netflify, e.g.


Your personal site can be hosted on various platforms. You will need to set up a subdomain. I will instruct you using Netlify as an example.

Navigate to your team overview's page, where you will find a new site's entry for your new repository. Click on it, then set up a custom domain. Here you can add the custom domain e.g. to match your DNS records. You may need to navigate to your DNS settings to achieve this.

If you were to now look at your DNS settings, you should have a record that looks something like this:

TTL: 3600 seconds
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Time to try out your new subdomain!

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