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Longest day coding

carlosch profile image CarlosC ・2 min read

For quite a while I have thought about starting a blog. The idea was fascinating but, at the same time, thinking about it for too long got me discouraged; just thinking of all the work, and my limited knowledge, and the fear of being judged, trolled, etc...
Before getting into code I could imagine myself writing about all sorts of things that interest me, often being afraid of getting too personal with my posts.
It's much more comfortable to not do it. So I never did it.
Until today.

I'm currently studying Full stack JavaScript with the Treehouse platform and, while I feel I've got the hang of the JS course till now, and I'm able to go through the lessons rather quickly and understand it all, I got stuck today with one of the challenges. I don't think I have ever used the whole day coding as I did today. But I was stuck, so I basically didn't write much code. I was just trying to solve the challenge, stressing about it. It was about traversing and manipulating the DOM using the Node properties.

In the end I manage only with the help of comments. So it's kind of annoying. The solution I resolved to use was actually quite simple, as opposed to the complicated function I was trying to pull off.

It's hard to say how often I'm going to be posting here, or what I'll be writing. But it feels as if I had discovered that doing something doesn't need to take all our efforts and it doesn't need to be complex for it to be worthy. I had imagined that writing a first-time-ever post was going to be magical and surrounded by wonderful, inspirational circumstances. Actually, all it took was a the slightest of action.

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