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Beginning New Beginnings In Tech

Hey everyone! This will be my first time posting on DEV, and it definitely will not contain anything technical yet. I feel like starting off anywhere in something you know nothing about is very challenging, and can even feel discouraging. Learning is supposed to be about messing up and falling short though, that is just apart of the journey to obtaining knowledge. That is why I am starting here with this post. As I progress through my journey my goals are to hopefully breakdown some concepts that can help anyone that is trying to break into tech get some answers to common things you'll encounter as a software developer. I have started down this path in software on numerous occasions, and have fell short multiple times. I keep coming back to it though, and this time things have never lined up so vividly. So to any of you out there who are thinking about turning your back on tech because its too arduous, I would strongly advise to collect yourself into the present moment wherever you may be and enjoy the journey. Continue to pursue your dreams, you will learn all these tough concepts. All will come with time and tons of practice. When in doubt code! code! code!

The first time I started coding in JavaScript was overwhelming, but at the same time invigorating. I’ve always been one to go outside and take to the trail, and thought that I’d be the last one to ever be staring at a computer all day trying to make sense of all these different programming languages. I did realize how rewarding building, editing, debugging, and publishing your own piece of software would be. So here I am, with only a fraction of understanding of this realm thus far, but it’s all starting to come together piece by piece, day by day. Everyday I learn something new, and want to push that concept as far as I can to see how far the rabbit hole really goes. There is no end to it all, the possibilities are endless, and I’m excited to see how far I can go.

Current languages/specializations

  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • DOM Manipulation (JS)

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