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Covid19 Italy - a project for my Country

In this year together, we have fought, and we keep doing that, a war. It might sound exaggerated, but think it over, about the effects: crisis in every field. Who suffer from it? The economies of the countries. Who suffers most often? The society, the human relation and, more than any other, every single man and woman who faced (and facing), with difficulty, this crisis.

Let us not be discouraged, however, by the difficulties, together, once again in the human history, we will rise. Renewed. Stronger and united.
This is the big lesson from this big crisis.

Sorry for this introduction. My project starts precisely from that.
I wrote this that takes the data from Italy official dataset (protezione civile, whom I thank) and it renders these in a minimal format.

I started the project about less than 10 days ago, with one goal:

  • provide information on the state of alert about our national lockdown for the Christmas holidays;
  • provide information on the numbers, updated daily;
  • humbly asking to stay home, if not really needed
  • give thanks to every doctor, nurse, officer and every single man who have to take care of the other


This is my personal Christmas Hackathon Project.
Maybe it isn't impressive, but this is my really first project in React that I loved. Not for what the code does, but for what it communicates.

Code needs refactoring, I had to write it quickly, but it works.

I would love to receive your opinion, it's also my first post here!

Wishing you a serene and profitable year, I think we all deserve that.

(This post was originally posted on my Hashnode Blog)

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