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What is your 🀯 or πŸ’‘ moment?

I had been creating 'mobile first' websites for years, but in reality I was making websites that were responsive. A subtle difference, but it was an important shift I had to make in my mentality towards it. Rather than building for mobile first, I was adapting desktop layout to work on mobile. When I think about why that would be, I think it's because my intro to media queries always used max-width in examples.

A few years ago, I worked with a front-end specialist who showed me that he used min-width instead! 🀯

When you're getting the job done, sometimes it’s not obvious that there’s another way to approach the problem.

Another example for a scenario where something just clicked is when I found a use for CSS variables to greatly reduce the amount of CSS I was writing:

Have you had a moment when the lightbulb has turned on all of a sudden or your mind has genuinely been blown?

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