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Christophe Colombier
Christophe Colombier

Posted on supported embed links

I'm new to, and Forem communities.

I'm making this post to be able to find back the list of supported embed.

Here is an extract of the discussion ... by using embed feature.

Hey folks!

Quick tip for ya: If you want to embed content into your posts or comments, you can easily do so using syntax like the following:

{% embed %}

Just swap out that YouTube link for something else and depending on where the link leads, it should embed. The embeds we support can be seen in this picture:

DEV Community Comment, DEV Community Link, DEV Community Link, DEV Community Listing, DEV Community Organization, DEV Community Podcast Episode, DEV Community Tag, DEV Community User Profile, asciinema, CodePen, CodeSandbox, DotNetFiddle, GitHub Gist/Issue/Repository, Glitch, Instagram, JSFiddle, JSitor, Loom, Kotlin, Medium, Next Tech, Reddit, Replit, Slideshare, Speaker Deck, SoundCloud, Spotify, StackBlitz, Stackery, Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow, Twitch, Twitter, Twitter timeline, Wikipedia, Vimeo, YouTube

Notice that you can embed to other DEV posts and profiles, for instance check out this announcement post by @aritdeveloper about updates to our embed feature:

If you got any questions about embeds or anything else, don't hesitate to hit me up. Always happy to help!

is there a post I could "save" for later, mentioning all the supported embed link ?


That's a great question.

We don't have a post yet, but we do have a page dedicated to our editor guide and the different types of embeds are listed right here under the "Liquid Tags" section. You could potentially bookmark this page with your browser, but we don't actually provide the ability to add pages like this to your reading list.

Another way that you can get to the list of embeds fairly easily is by going to our post editor and clicking into the body content. Next, look to the tab on the right hand side of the page where the contextual clues appear and notice that itsays:

Embed rich content such as Tweets, YouTube videos, etc. Use the complete URL: {% embed https://... %}. See a list of supported embeds.

... and click the link! NOTE: If you click that link right now, it won't take you to the list. You must already be in the editor for it to work.

And this explanation wouldn't be complete without an embed, so here's a loom video that'll walk ya through everything I just said!

NB as @michaeltharrington said, the list of embed post can be found on the right zone when writing a post.

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More information here

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Michael Tharrington

Haha, loving this! 🙌