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Data table UX tip - alignment

Data tables are super important and really hard to get them right. I think that they are a great example of how visual design (UI design), UX and interactivity become best friends.

I've got like 40 tips like these for building tables๐Ÿค“, but here's just a small one (that I made into a cute GIF).

Data table text alignment

When you make a table, a key part is making it really readable. A big part of things being readable is how the eye scans things, especially in a table, where you're scanning a ton of values.

At least in the case of English text, in general you want to make those types of values left aligned. Although centre aligned can seem like a good idea sometimes...the fact is that unfortunately, data that users input is super varied in length so when you scan it the eyeball jumbles everywhere.

Hope this helps anyone strugglin with table design.

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