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Get up and running on Figma (tips for devs)πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Hey all,

Thought I'd put together this quick breakdown for devs who are being onboarded onto Figma for the first time. (There are some tricks and funky things to watch for as you get used to it)

Quick note on Figma: Figma is a common and dominant design tool in the UI world. It does live collab and designers like it because you can give devs/POs view access and you can navigate it independently.

Getting up and running.

Expect an invite in your inbox, it looks like this:

This invitation will get you into the file - it will get you to create a login/password.

If you have view access your interface looks like this:

☝️ Don't forget the difference between the default mode (see code etc) and prototype mode (click through and see behaviour)

Key things to watch for

  • the account creation flow is a bit weird and you need to select "CREATE" an account rather than enter a password
  • you can follow other people and quickly find where they are by clicking their avatar
  • you can invite people to the file (and not require a designer to do it for you)
  • you can export assets right out of the file

πŸ’‘If this was useful, comment and I can add to this little post with more juicy info.

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