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Spruce up your data table ux/ui

Have you ever noticed that so many data tables out there in the world are absolutely hard to use, weird and kind of generally sad?

I have.

For enterprise products at least, data tables can be the foundation of the user experience. People live and die by those rows and often have to struggle, hunched over their computers, to find the data they need. (I assume they also softly weep into their keyboards as well.)

I've been tasked with designing/redesigning a cadrillion tables in my ux life (as have my team), so we compiled some comprehensive design documentation so that maybe, just maybe, tables in the world can improve.

(For real though, one of our dev buddies redesigned his tables the same day he read our giant article and said "your article made me realize our tables suck".)

What do you think? Did we miss anything?

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