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Flutter going to kill other development tools

Now a days flutter is going to make a great graphical app development tool. App development on flutter is too easy and versatile. Actually flutter growth rates is going too good. It going incredible fast.

No doubt, all flutter team are working hard to make it better and better. Through flutter, you can create android, ios app, mac book, windows, Linux, and almost every platform. Now Google has announced google’s upcoming operating system fuchsia os will support flutter.

Flutter Built technology:
Flutter made with C, Dart, C++ and Skia. Skia is 2d rendering engine. Flutter run your code compiled with C, C++ and Android’s NDK. Your dark code compiled into native with ARM and x86 libraries.

Actually everything you would make through one codebase. Normally we have to code for every platform differently, it actually time-consuming and very costly. Using flutter you have to make one flutter code and this code will use for every platform rapidly. It just saves a lot of time and money for development.

Now a days many startups using to develop their app and also many top companies using flutter to make their app like google adware analysis, Alibaba etc…

Flutter’s material design and its animation make it more attractive and more feature able. Most other app development tools can’t beat flutter at least it’s design and animation.

Some real facts/advantages about flutter –

  • Flutter is Faster: We are not sure about it, but most probably true. Flutter itself an android and ios independent UI. Other tools like React native convert their UI to android and IOS UI objects. It’s a plus point for a flutter. Because if I am making an app, I need a custom design for my user. So there is no limitation on flutter.
  • Security: You can see that Google makes flutter and they build themself many apps of their production app like Google pay/Tej Payment app, Adware app, etc. And it also comes in many packages, you don’t have to do anything with this. But Other companies make their development tool but they never build much product with these tools. And You know Security is a big issue now.

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