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Flutter Development through the Clean Architecture Package

Flutter is a popular UI framework for developing mobile applications by Google. Flutter’s first release was on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. It has been growing ever since, gaining over 65,000 stars and 7,000 forks on GitHub. It has caught traction in recent years. Sometimes flutter developers have to deal with state management issues in the developing process.

Flutter is composed mainly of widgets [10], which are the basic building blocks of all Flutter applications. A widget can either be stateful or stateless. Stateless widgets have no internal state that can be modified after the widget has been built.

On the other hand, stateful widgets can be dynamically modified by modifying their internal state without reinitialization. Stateful widgets are important when building any interactive application in Flutter. The Flutter framework creates states for its widgets that can be read synchronously when the widget is built and can be modified throughout the lifecycle of the application. Without proper architecture, managing widget states is very difficult and maintainable.

Flutter Development through the Clean Architecture Package
January 30, 2021
A totally new approach to creating a clean flutter development
Flutter Development through the Clean Architecture Package

The fundamental purpose of the architecture is the separation of concerns and scalability.

The Clean Architecture for Flutter should also be highly testable. Due to the complete separation of business logic from the User Interface (UI), Database, and other elements, testing becomes effortless as business rules and UI can be tested. When testing inner layers, dependencies can be easily mocked by inheriting from the abstract classes which are injected into the inner layers.
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