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How to add a new item to a list in React

Submit a form and update the application state

If you read the previous articles, you know that at this point in our grocery list application we have a form with an input field and a button.
What we enter in the input field, a grocery item name, is saved in the application state, ready to be added to the array of grocery items already present.
How do we add a new item to the array? We do it with the addGrocery() method.
Let's add the addGrocery() method to our class:

addGrocery = event => {
  // code to add grocery item here

When we enter a name in the input field and press the Add button, the first thing that happens is the browser reloads the page. This is the default action a browser takes after submitting a form.

We don't want this behavior, though, we would rather have the list be updated without page refresh, so we use preventDefault() to stop the browser from reloading the page:

`addGrocery` = event => {

The next thing we want to do is update the state of the application because we are adding something to it.
We update the state with the setState() function and we pass into setState() a new state object that merges what is currently in the state and the new thing we are adding.

So, we first define a newGrocery variable and assign to its name property the value of
This is the value that is updated by the changeHandler() function that takes its value from the input field.
We then call setState() passing this new object and add the new grocery item to the state.

let newGrocery = {

  { groceries: [...this.state.groceries, newGrocery] }

Notice that in React we need to keep the state object immutable, so instead of updating the current state object we set groceries to a new array. We then add the current state to this new array using the spread (...) operator, and finally append the new grocery item at the end of the array.
So, the state gets a brand new array, populated with the current groceries and the new grocery we are adding.

If we now add a new grocery in our web page and submit the form, the new grocery object is added to the end of the array and displayed in the page.

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