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Open Web Intent to Tweet #100DaysOfCode Progress

A friend and I, were talking about a problem he had when he was doing #100DaysOfCode Challenge. After a couple of days he’d forget to tweet his progress. He asked me if there is a way to open twitter and post his progress in a specific time. I came with the idea of using NodeJs and create a script and a cron job in Linux to open tweeter in a specific time but we leave that project forgotten.

3 months later I made a script but using python. Here is what it does:

1 - It loads a .json file containing the counter representing your days in the challenge, If it doesn’t exit, It’ll create a new one and started with 1.

2- Gets current date using datetime module

3- creates a URL containing the actual date, #100DaysOfCode hashtag,the current day in the challenge and the increase in one for the next day. Using webbrowser module, opens a web intent in your default browser.

It will opens something like this

"""Opens a new Web Intent from Twitter to tweet your #100Daysofcode progress"""

import webbrowser 
from datetime import datetime
import os
import json

def save_day_count(file,count):
#Saves count for the next day
        with open(file,"w") as file_json:
    except Exception as e:

def getting_day_count(file):
        #Check if file with current day exist
    if os.path.isfile(file):
            with open(file) as f_obj:
                #loads current day
                days = json.load(f_obj)
        except FileNotFoundError as ex :
        #Incriases one and saves for the next day
            days += 1
            return days    
        #Creates a new file if it doesn't exist and starts the counter in 1
        days = 1
        return days

days = getting_day_count("counter.json")
date = str( #Gets current date
url = "" + date + "[Day " +  str(days) +"]"

If you are like me, you don't have to forget again to tweet your progress

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If your liked it share it or if didn't leave a feedback, I'll appreciate it.

Happy Coding!!!

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