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2022 Goals

My goals for 2021 were the following:

  1. Work my way through the FCC curriculum particularly the JS section.
  2. Work on Mastering Nuxt course - videos are being regularly released and need to keep up with these.
  3. Write more CSS in most of my projects I tend to reach for Bootstrap or Tailwind and learn some more sass (I know some basics).
  4. Get back into regular blogging I stopped towards the end of the year and need to start posting regularly again even if I don't finish them write a starting post which I can then review and add to as I feel necessary.

Having reviewed these goals:

  1. I have done some of the FCC curriculum including finishing RWD section, working on some of the JS section and starting the front end libraries section - goal partially completed
  2. This I haven't achieved I got about halfway through so I am going to back to the start and make my way through this course in the next couple of months
  3. This I have achieved working my way through some challenges on frontend mentor and some other small projects I have written plain ol' CSS including some SCSS avoiding the likes of bootstrap and tailwind - goal complete!
  4. I was in a routine with this for a while had a few ideas wrote some posts but then I stopped so a goal for this year will be to write at least a blog post every month about something I have learnt or refreshed on

Ongoing Goals to complete this year:

  • Finish udemy course of vanilla JS projects - I started this last week I've setup a github repo and have completed first two projects
  • Review some jQuery perhaps rewrite a couple of small vanilla JS projects
  • Take another look at FCC although I've struggled to stick to this in the past going to give it another go
  • Complete Mastering Nuxt course and write a blog post reviewing it and what I have learnt
  • Blog more regularly again including posting on dev

What is everyone planning to learn this year?

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