Nuxt instead of Wordpress?

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I had an idea for a site I was originally going to build with Wordpress but decided to go down the JAMstack route however I'm undecided on what to use.

I've seen that has released the @nuxt/content module for transforming markdown files which ideally I'd like to use to create most of the content (then setup netlifycms), however I'm wondering if maybe I could use this or whether I may be better off using Gridsome instead although I'd raelly like to build something with Nuxt.

Any thoughts on which would perhaps be the best solution?


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Tell us more about your site and site content.

Blog? Ghost
Static site? Bootstrap
If you are wanting to combine Wordpress and JAM you can use WP as your headless backend and leverage gatsby on Netlify as your front end.

Not knocking Nuxt either, we just need to know more about your use case.


Yeah fair enough a bit vague not a blog no it will be a site with maybe a couple of dozen pages to start (likely will end up more) and want to write them in markdown hence thinking of JAMstack. I don't know PHP which is why I decided to not use WP and instead look at JAMstack route. I know more Vue hence either Gridsome/Nuxt rather than Gatsby (although I've dabbled with Gatsby my React knowledge is minimal).


I'd raelly like to build something with Nuxt.

Seems to me your already made your mind about using Nuxt, and that is great, you should definitely do it. If you find you do not like it you can always change your mind and build a v2 or v3 with something completely different.

Any thoughts on which would perhaps be the best solution?

Do not fall on that trap. There is really no one-size-fits-all best solution. The best tool and best solution will be the one works best for you.

If you want to get more involved in the JAMStack ecosystem, I'd recommend subscribing to the JAMStack newsletter, they send one weekly email and there is always something interesting to read and learn.


Thanks for the link to the newsletter have subscribed I'd definitely like to learn more about the whole JAMstack ecosystem.

Re best solution yeah not worded particularly well thinking more about it I was just after some advice really with people more experience which may be more suited as I definitely want to use something Vue-based. Figured Gridsome but then having seen the new nuxt/@content module thought they could potentially do the samer job. Thanks for the reply appreciate the input.


Gridsome is the route I'd go for a JAMstack Vue site, but if you want to use Nuxt then use Nuxt, if it doesn't work out then switch to Gridsome. Good luck!


I think content module is relatively new. You might even consider Gridsome or Gatsby.


Yeah having read the blog it is a new module might be better off using gridsome instead thanks for the reply.