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#AskDevTo: What are you learning in 2021?

So, it's been a few days into the New Year, and by now, I think we all have a rough idea of what technologies we will be working on for the first quarter, and what technologies we want to pick-up over the year as well.

As such, I wanted to create and share a laundry list of things that I can add/remove from over the year - but keep it public to hold myself accountable and keep track of my progress.

Feel free to copy this template and create your own list of tech that's on your radar, and reply with a link to it so I can check it out as well :)

Here's what I have on my mind for now... (Last updated 12/01/2021)

Currently Focusing On:

  • Becoming well versed with the online/web ecosystem and frameworks, specifically React, Redux Saga etc. for client-side, and NestJS/Serverless for backend
  • Brushing up on some Java/C# back-end updates (Spring 5, .NET core 5)
  • Getting familiar with the AWS platform for cloud system design and architecture
  • Job-searching (for a full stack role, feel free to reach out if you have an opportunity in mind)

For later down the road:

  • Switch over completely to using Go-Lang for back-end development PLUS check out the gRPC ecosystem in languages I know
  • Get really good (specialize) with AWS (Certified Solutions Architect/Developer)
  • Continue to get better with JS frameworks + design (CSS/SCSS) thinking of picking up Vue, and Svelte - most likely, in that order
  • Dabble into Elixir + Phoenix
  • Write some Nim/Rust code (and finalize which one I want to pick up as a hobby-coder)

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