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Hunter Chang
Hunter Chang

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Fetching Dynamic Data with Gatsby.js

Gatsby.js is more than just an awesome static site generator, it can also fetch data dynamically like you would with Create React App. We explore what that dynamic data fetching looks like and peak at the compiled code to see the difference between the dynamic and static data in Gatsby.

The next time you start a project, before reaching for Create React App try reaching for Gatsby instead! You can do all the same things (like hooks!) but it comes with amazing performance and SEO benefits!


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Top comments (3)

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim

I've always thought Gatsby as a static site generator, thus a dynamic data fetching was not possible as I mistakenly thought all data fetch should go thru GraphQL normalization.

Thank you, Hunter, as the tutorial opened my eyes to the dynamic world of Gatsby, as well.

changoman profile image
Hunter Chang

Nice! Very glad that this was helpful.

ajarouih profile image
Aymen Jarouih

Thanks for this tut Hunter, simple as always!

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