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Why Learn Next.js? Why do React Developers Love Next?

This is the second episode of my next.js course on YouTube. Let's see why next.js is becoming so popular before we get to the good stuff later in the course.

The following video is more detailed. If you are not a video person read the summary below the video.

  • Flexibility in rendering
    • Client rendering- useEffect + axios ⇒ page loads layout, browser requests for data, html is generated using the data. require at least 2 responses from server (bad for SEO, a bit slow)
    • Pre-rendering on the server - static generation(all html is generated at build time, this makes the pages to load very fast and it's the best for SEO), server side rendering(html is generated at page request time, faster than client rendering). require 1 response from the server ( faster and better for SEO) ⇒ less work on the browser
    • Incremental Static Regeneration
  • Better developer experience
    • Built in routing system
    • CSS/SCSS support
    • Typescript support
    • Image optimization
  • Others
    • API routes support
    • Better performance out of the box (code splitting, minified code)
    • Active community

If you wish to learn next.js, follow my YouTube playlist. I will be doing daily uploads:

Happy coding 🤝

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