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8 Best Platforms To Build Your Own Audio Streaming App & Website (March 2023 Update)

Audio Streaming Solution

We have picked the top 8 white label audio streaming solutions who can build the best-customized, feature rich audio streaming platform for your business needs.

The advent of audio streaming delivery services via speedy internet connection has brought a new dimension altogether in response to hearing audio playlists feeded into popular streaming platforms enabled with multi-device compatibility.

We can deliberately notice the paradigm shift of switching from the recorder or a Walkman to downloading melody numbers or listening to live radio all created within a heart-throbbing audio streaming solution!

Some of these crystal clear audio streaming channels using easy access to media services have aided the end-users with increased personalized preferences.

Furthermore, with no doubt, the best radio streaming websites still ensures to entertain millions of listeners with uninterrupted accessibility for on-demand products and services.

However, when we consider the rise of the global music streaming subscription market there has been anticipated with progressive escalation. It is said that the audio streaming industry would slightly grow further during the year 2020 - 2024.

Global Leaders of the Audio Streaming Market

Besides, when most countries had been adversely affected due to pandemic lockdowns for containing the spread of the virus, it had other positive developments as well. Subsequently, it resulted in the rise of user engagement through audio streaming apps.

In the recent study, from the year 2020 to 2027, the popular app segment is anticipated to register with the highest CAGR of over 18%

Some of the top market players in the music streaming industry Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal have various monetization models of approach in order to pitch their business & expand their subscribers count. Let us take a look at some of their enticing features & follow the path of their super success story!


This Swedish Company which was founded in 2006, has become the most popular audio streaming app worldwide. Being one of the prime market leaders in the audio streaming industry, Spotify has currently 144 million premium subscribers which account for a major revenue, in comparison to last year!

In fact, their key to substantial growth was identified with a huge opportunity when their total active users saw a regular increase on a monthly basis. This makes them one of the biggest & most influential players in the audio streaming service providers in the market.

Some of its highlighted features are:

  • Volume Settings
  • Search
  • Your Library
  • Shuffle Play
  • Download music & podcasts
  • Share music & podcasts and much more

Apple Music
Apple Music

Apple Music is the second most popular top music streaming solution through which users can choose their favorite on-demand music to stream into their devices or listen to the existing playlists.

According to various resources and studies, Apple Music predicts a rise of about 37.1% over the year 2020.

When we look right from organizing remote learning to set a home office, the products of Apple have been delivering one of the biggest ideas accelerated with steaming creativity & passion.

Furthermore, one of the key reasons for the improved rate of subscriptions started when consumers got some time to explore during the pandemic, which enhanced the user growth rate.

Top-rated features of Apple Music are:

  • Unlimited access to on-demand songs
  • Access to other radio stations
  • Personalized algorithmic playlists
  • Mood-based playlists
  • Offline song playback and many more...


Tidal is said to be the first artist-owned global music streaming and entertaining platform that facilitates artists & fans closely. Tidal offers a wide range of audio streaming services in 53 countries with high-fidelity sound quality and the highest resolution in audio streaming.

Also, through the extensive platform of Tidal users constantly remain engaged in many things that connect them to their targeted audience globally. The major streak of this platform is that it supports music artists of all levels, right from an amateur to an established playback.

And, this Norwegian subscription-based music, podcast, and video streaming service have around 3 million subscribers dated till now!

Tidal audio streaming services have eye-glowing enticing features that can interest you to have a look:

  • 70+million audio tracks across all genres
  • 360 Degree Reality Audio & Dolby Atmos support
  • MQA Tracks
  • High fidelity sound
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Offline Play and much more

Some of the quick glimpses over the popular music streaming apps would have given an idea of the competitors in the audio streaming market. Now you must be wondering if you might have your own cloud-based audio library then how should it all be? Isn’t it!

To answer that, scroll down to build your own audio streaming app with these striking steps.

Checklist to Consider While Making the Best Audio Streaming Platform:

Audio Streaming

1. Choose Your Genre Of Music Application For Its Development

When you want to develop any preferred online music store you can have two options. Your listeners can have either free access to the online audio library or get a paid subscription.

In similar to that, you can also provide the option of uploading music files & stream them, anywhere anytime to your listeners. Also, you can even have all of them in a single app. Now the choice is yours!

2. Audio Licensing Is Of Utmost Necessary For Music Streaming

Before you could offer the audio on a website or develop an audio streaming app, you need to make sure that it has a licensed structure.

Then, depending upon the locations you want to launch your tailored app you need to take the license from several authorities on board.

If not the case, you might not be allowed to stream audio services through varied sources via the app.

3. Pen Down The Features That You Need In Your Streaming Podcasts

To develop a suitable app, it is necessary to list out the key features which act as a baseline of every app! Having said that you can make sure to have perfect end-to-end streaming solutions & our app development experts guiding you through!

Then, you can also have an idea of its navigation and followed by other functionalities.

4. Backup The Monetizing Audio Streaming App With Complete Backend Storage Facility

Now you can choose to have cloud-based servers or stream with existing APIs found in audio apps. Figure out which can be the best-suited solution for you with all the pros and cons & take technical guidance to fulfill your requirements.

5. Find a Reliant & Supportive App Development Delegate

Any app which meets its suitable requirements with the strongest agility, flexibility, and worth by the means of its development phase. It has an added advantage with value when you develop the most competitive on-demand application for audio or video streaming.

This can only be done when you have co-partnered with a pioneer app development firm and create a music streaming app with a successful monetization model.

The Key Parts Of Creating an Audio Streaming Platform Before Going To Live

Audio Streaming App

1. Determine Your Budget Scale

You can start by analyzing your set of audiences at the beginning of financing your project. According to the audience reach, that you are targeting would decide on large-scale or small-scale broadcast interactive programs.

Additionally, this will include the technical requirements of software and hardware services, assuring memorable experiences to the listeners on the board.

2. Grab Your Set Of Audio Gears

The equipment that you choose to use before going on air will estimate the quality of organizing a broadcast. Likewise, if you have multiple audio acoustics, you might need an appropriate sound mixer to merge with other audio channels.

The necessary online radio station equipment that can help you with multiple streaming is an internet connection, dynamic microphones, mic equipment, noise-canceling headphones, audio console mixer, live audio streaming server, and much more.

3. Think About How Live Audio Will Get Encoded

When you need to encode the data to stream audio online you might think about delivering balanced quality and scalability. The single linear stream of cleanly-processed audio to a streaming server is the best way to do it.

Later, this helps to transcode and repackage it from the streaming server. To elucidate further, some broadcasters choose to use RTMP encoders that help to prevent obstruction during the upload level. Indeed, this helps to maintain the quality for listeners.

4. Choose Your Best Live Streaming Server

A professional streaming server software is utilized to ensure the highest quality audio is heard by every listener. This can be assured through the advantages of adaptive bitrate streaming, which also takes care of the global delivery of services via a CDN.

Content Delivery Network helps to find the less-crowded path to serve it better.

5. Get Your Streaming Copyright Laws, Security Protocols & Monetizing Dias Checked

Accessibility to live stream your audio streaming services entirely depends on holding broadcasting copyright law rights. So, to restrict your streams from having access across geographical regions, content protection measures need to be enacted upon. Also, these secured streaming guidelines, help you to support your subscription-based monetization models respectively.

List Of Best Audio Streaming Platform Providers Based On Market Analyze

1. VPlayed - White Label Audio Streaming Solution

VPlayed Audio Streaming

VPlayed is an enterprise audio streaming platform that provides every option for Live Radio Streaming, On-demand Podcasting, Music broadcasting to create live & On-demand audio streaming platform both on Web and mobile applications. VPlayed’s audio streaming solution is equipped with a sturdy HLS player to deliver an outstanding music streaming experience to global users. The live audio streaming platform is powered with a highly scalable content management system to deliver rich audio content to specific groups of geographic users based on their subscription models.

The customizable audio streaming service has marketing tools to enhance the reach of each audio content like Music streaming, Radio streaming across devices with Metadata management, social publishing features. On the other hand, the audio streaming platform has multiple monetization models such as In-app ads, Freemium model, In-stream ads and so many to reap revenue from it.

Highlights of VPlayed Audio Streaming Solution

  1. Customizable
  2. On-Premise/On Cloud
  3. White labeling
  4. Multi-device support
  5. Intuitive Analytical Dashboard
  6. Multiple Monetization Models
  7. Data Rights Management
  8. Unlimited Upload
  9. Ad Targeting

2. CONTUS VPlay - A White Label Audio Streaming Platform

CONTUS VPlay Music Streaming

CONTUS VPlay is a leading provider of OTT solution that helps Podcasters, Online music stores, Radio stations, Music owners and much more to build a music streaming app on Android, iOS and Web applications. CONTUS VPlay’s Audio streaming software is in-built with an audio transcoder that supports multiple audio formats such as MP3, ACC, .aiff, and many more to broadcast unlimited audio formats to a large audience base.

The online audio streaming website has a robust library management system to manage entire audio content irrespective of audio streaming such as Music, Radio, Podcast & Live music events. With distribution focused audio streaming CMS, the delivery of right content to the right audience at the right time makes your audio streaming journey more plain sailing.

Highlights of CONTUS VPlay Audio Streaming Service

  1. Cross Platform Analytics
  2. Different Monetization Models
  3. Social Media Integration
  4. Payment Gateway
  5. Offline Download

3. Triton Digital - A Simple and Reliable Audio Streaming

Triton Digital

Triton Digital provides all the necessary tools to stream audio content online across devices. Triton offers customizable SDKs with Players, Audio streaming Widgets, and features to deliver high-quality listening experience to audiences across the globe. The streaming technology of Triton is completely scalable and 100% owned, that audio streaming platform is a White-label solution.

Triton is equipped with a robust content delivery network (CDN) that aims to deliver the highest audio quality with CDN locations around 13. Triton offers responsive players with quick and intuitive playback options. The online audio streaming website is equipped with cloud infrastructure for streaming audio content in the best possible way. The audio streaming platform has advanced analytical tools to deliver the performance of your streaming content.

Highlights of Triton Audio Streaming Platform

  1. Music Royalty Reporting
  2. On-demand Analytics
  3. Live & Cloud Audio Streaming
  4. Low-delay streaming

4. Muvi - Launch Audio Streaming Service

Muvi Audio On Demand

Muvi is one of the leading music and audio streaming service providers in the market that provides streaming solutions to build or own branded audio streaming platform for Podcast, Music streaming, Audiobooks and Inspirational talks. Muvi audio streaming service provides all the necessary components starting from Infrastructure, cloud-based servers, CDNs, Cloud storage, user management to launch audio streaming platform on multiple devices.

On the other hand, the entire audio streaming platform is configured with security and privacy policies such as DRMs to protect the delivery of audio content to multiple users and devices. Muvi ensures an end-to-end integrated audio streaming solution with various monetization models and multiple audio format support.

Highlights of Muvi’s White Label Audio Streaming Solution

  1. Embedded Audio Streaming Code
  2. Multi-device Compatibility
  3. Website Templates
  4. White-label solution

5. Stream Solution - Digital Audio Streaming Software

Stream Solution is one of the leading audio streaming solution providers that support major HTTPS and standard ports with no issues on the firewall. Stream Solution’ audio streaming service supports protocols like HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTSP and RTMP. The streaming platform provides an HTML5 responsive player that fits major platforms (Android, iOS and Web) and devices to stream high-quality audio content to global users.

Stream solution is fully compatible with the major and latest HTML5 player and JavaScript technologies. The solution is equipped with a real-time analytical dashboard to track contemporary user history, session duration, devices and geographical users based on subscription plans. With the analytical dashboard, the extract of traffic generated from your audio content can be tracked for a better performance of the content.

Highlights of Stream Solution’s On Demand Audio Streaming Website

  1. Mobile Streaming
  2. Radio-link Streaming
  3. Multiple Protocol Supports
  4. End-to-end Analytical Dashboard

6. WOWZA - Live Audio Streaming Services

Wowza is a cloud streaming service solution that is specially designed for your audio streaming ventures. The streaming engine of wowza is used to stream live & on-demand videos that have customized deployable options for most operating systems. The streaming media systems are designed with various strategies of successful collaborative channels. It’s timely product upgrades help many content owners & digital streaming promoters to vastly expand their market presence.

Highlights of Stream Solution’s Audio Streaming Platform

  1. Cloud-based audio streaming
  2. Streaming solution behind the firewall
  3. Deep customization requirements
  4. DRM for your audio streaming

7. Dacast - Audio Broadcasting Software

DacastDacast facilitates you with options of live audio streaming where internet radio, podcasts, and other forms host a high-quality set of audios effortlessly. Businesses can use it either for solo events or broadcast it after which recordings are made available on-demand.

In the case of online radio, you may choose to have 24/7 audio broadcasting sessions in the manner of linear streaming where you can target countless sectors like education, entertainment, news, sports, music, business, religion, and much more.

Highlights Of Dacast's Audio Streaming Software:

  1. Supports live audio streaming
  2. White labeling with marketing tools
  3. Multi-user access for monetization plans of scale & custom
  4. Compatible across various social media platforms
  5. Live recording with best-inbuilt security protocols

8. StreamHash - Live Audio Streaming Service

StreamHash gives a wonderful audio streaming solution for artists, RJs, columnists, and other inspiring audio streaming businesses. On the off chance that you are a writer or artist, you can begin your own audio-tracked streaming website and assemble your targeted crowd.

Furthermore, you can have digital broadcasts streamed at your very own personal audio streaming platform with live podcasts, get self-made music streaming app to have curative genres of all kinds.

Highlights Of Streamhash Audio Streaming Solution

  1. One-to-Many Live Streaming
  2. Live sports entertainment on any device
  3. Monetization models like SVOD, TVOD
  4. Chat Module with Unlimited Users
  5. 6 Months Free Support

**The above-listed companies provide audio streaming solutions with a fail-proof edifice that would exhilarate your streaming service and hold it on top. Go ahead and build a podcast/music streaming service of your liking and make it work! **

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